Why I Want to Re-approach Minimalism?

By Victoria Q One sentence: I want to slow down. The modern world moving at a fast pace, just like everybody, I also got dragged along. I’m the type of person that always fill up my schedule and has 2 pages long to-do lists every single day. Okay, let’s not exaggerate it. Perhaps my to-doContinue reading “Why I Want to Re-approach Minimalism?”

I Failed and Re-approach Minimalism

By Victoria Q What is minimalism? Basically, minimalism is a lifestyle that helps you to focus on what you value the most so that you can live a meaningful life. The meaning of minimalism varies from person to person. However, all minimalists share a common goal which is to focus on what really matters toContinue reading “I Failed and Re-approach Minimalism”

These 4 Methods Help Me to Overcome Insomnia

By Victoria Q Insomnia is a very common sleep disorder that many of us have. Research found that 36% of UK adults struggle to get to sleep at least on a weekly basis, almost 1 in 5 have trouble asleep every single night and nearly half of the UK have trouble falling asleep at leastContinue reading “These 4 Methods Help Me to Overcome Insomnia”

What I’ve Learnt Throughout My Weight Loss Journey

By Victoria Q DISCLAIMER: This essay included unhealthy weight loss methods that shouldn’t be used for any reason as they can be life-threatening. I’ve tried plenty of diets out there in my life. Whether it is Keto Diet, Low-Fat Diet, No Carbs Diet, High Protein Diet, Smoothie Diet, Juice Diet, Vegetable Soup Diet or evenContinue reading “What I’ve Learnt Throughout My Weight Loss Journey”

Best Ways to Win Over Yourself

By Victoria Q We’re born knowing how to eat only when we’re hungry, how to not care what other peoples think about our bad singing and awful dance movement, we know how to play, create, and love without holding back. And, most importantly we know how to trust our instincts. As we grow and learnContinue reading “Best Ways to Win Over Yourself”

Best PMS Snacks

By Victoria Q Exercise and a healthy diet are the most common natural ways you can keep PMS at bay. Exercising and eating right can control bloating, depression, and mood swings during PMS. The types of food you choose are just as important as the quantity and timing. It’s fine to give in to cravingsContinue reading “Best PMS Snacks”

7 Ways For A Happier Life.

By Victoria Q How do we find happiness in our life? The question is simple though, but not everyone can answer it. Happiness is something everyone deserves and wants. But when you really take time to assess your level of happiness, you may find you’re out of balance. Like anything else, it takes practice toContinue reading “7 Ways For A Happier Life.”

Everything About Period Bloating: How To Reduce It

By Victoria Q What is period bloating? Period bloating means your body is retaining water. Your belly will feel heavy or swollen 2 to 4 days (some people experienced a week) before and a few days during your period. This could include feeling tighter or gaining weight. If the symptoms continue for a long periodContinue reading “Everything About Period Bloating: How To Reduce It”

Night Before Real Birthday

By Victoria Q The clock was ticking showing 7 hours left before midnight. I took my handbag, car keys and headed to a mart, which was located 15 minutes from my house. I walked around the mart, still wondering what to buy. Trying something new or unusual will probably be the best idea since IContinue reading “Night Before Real Birthday”

Alone Time

By Victoria Q I spend plenty of time by myself. In fact, I don’t know if anyone I know spends more time alone than me. At least 85% of my time is spent solo – be it in walking, writing, exercising, reading or thinking. In the beginning, I felt uncomfortable being alone – the silenceContinue reading “Alone Time”

Warmth Of Love

By Victoria Q I was sick for quite a long time. I had to eat more than 20 tablets of medication each day. One night after work, I was suffered from gastritis for having too much medication. So, I had to go to a hospital to get it treated, with my BFF accompanied me. GastritisContinue reading “Warmth Of Love”


By Victoria Q   4.05 P.M, the sky was cloudy, the air-conditioned office was getting colder, it’s a hint that it’ll be raining sooner or later. I was supposed to be focusing on my work, strangely, I just couldn’t get through it. I scrolled through my phone, checking if I have any message or notification. No,Continue reading “Friends”

Lockdown Holiday

By Victoria Q It has been the fourth day since lockdown began (again). Not everyone enjoys the lockdown. In fact, no one loves lockdown – where you can only stay at home, limited car passengers, limited shopping time, limited staying outside. But I do love lockdown. I do enjoy lockdown. Stay at home makes meContinue reading “Lockdown Holiday”

The 3 A.M. Reading

By Victoria Q I woke in the middle of the night at 3 a.m. Couldn’t fall back asleep so I took a book I’m recently fond of – Christmas For One by Amanda Prowse and read it, hoping to fall back asleep quickly as I have to wake up at 7.10 a.m for work later.Continue reading “The 3 A.M. Reading”

Tips For Slow Living

By Victoria Q We are all living so busy in modern life – busy catching up on our works, responsibilities and commitment. Daily life seems to have become a never-ending list of tasks to be done – get up early, make breakfast, get the kids ready and send them to school, rush to work, getContinue reading “Tips For Slow Living”

Cope With Overeating During Period

By Victoria Q As a woman, you’re probably familiar with the craving to eat certain foods just before your monthly period which are usually high in carbs and sugar. It’s totally normal as fluctuating levels of estrogen, progesterone and serotonin levels during period. These hormonal changes in the body cause a drop in blood sugarContinue reading “Cope With Overeating During Period”

Preparation For The Next Period

By Victoria Q Let’s be honest, many people get emotional and have cramps before and during their period. Most women, over 90% , say they get some premenstrual symptoms, such as bloating, headaches and moodiness. Some may get severe that affect their daily activities such as working, walking and even sleeping. However, these symptoms tendContinue reading “Preparation For The Next Period”

How Many Serving Of Each Food Group Should You Eat Per Day?

By Victoria Q Eating a healthy, balanced diet is one of the most important things you can do to protect your mental and physical health. By doing so, it can lower your chances of getting major diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and many more. A healthy diet can reduce blood pressure, helping youContinue reading “How Many Serving Of Each Food Group Should You Eat Per Day?”