Why Is It So Important to Chew Your Food?

Have you ever noticed how many times you chew your food? This might seem not so important, but it could affect your overall health. Chewing your food properly is essential for adequate digestion. Meals should be eaten sitting down, in a relaxed environment without any distraction, to ensure the food is properly chewed. So howContinue reading “Why Is It So Important to Chew Your Food?”

5 Ways to Show Your Love to Your Gut

Our gut is known as our second brain due to the similarity that has its own nervous system, allowing it to function independently from the brain. It is comprising the oesophagus, stomach and intestines. Maintaining the optimal conditions in our gut is crucial for our health. A healthy gut contains an optimum amount of goodContinue reading “5 Ways to Show Your Love to Your Gut”

How to Stay Fit During a Vacation

As the world starts to open back up, many people are packing their bags for vacation again. Staying healthy and fit while on vacation remains a big priority, especially amidst COVID-19. Eating healthy and regular workouts seem simple, but they can be hard to stick to, especially if you’re going on a vacation. If youContinue reading “How to Stay Fit During a Vacation”

3 Reasons You Need a Solo Date

It’s very common to afraid of being seen eating alone in public. It was scared of looking like a total loser in the eyes of those around you at a café or restaurant, worried that you would receive pitiful glances as you sip your cup of latte in silence. Such a mindset is far fromContinue reading “3 Reasons You Need a Solo Date”

5 Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits That Cause You Wake Up Tired

I’m sure we all had a day like this: You managed to get your things settled early, went to bed early, and slept for 7 to 8 hours only to find out you don’t wake up energized and refreshed as expected. Instead, your body feels heavy, or you feel tired to get out of bed.Continue reading “5 Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits That Cause You Wake Up Tired”

2022 A Low Buy Year

Over the past few years, I’ve been exploring and educating myself about sustainable living, minimalism, and personal finance. I’ve been slowly decluttering my wardrobe and household items that I don’t need. I’d like to fill my space with the things I use or bring me joy. I have the tendency to replace the items thatContinue reading “2022 A Low Buy Year”

7 Ways to Enjoy When You Only Have a Day

We all look forward to our days off. Unfortunately, days off can make you even more sluggish and frazzled when you spend the entire day staying in pyjama and binge-watching Netflix. But those days off can really help keep you centred when you know how to spend it correctly. To help you avoid wasting halfContinue reading “7 Ways to Enjoy When You Only Have a Day”

Why a Daily Routine is So Important

Because of the pandemic, daily routines have become more important now than ever. Many of us are work from home and have our families and children with us. This environment and schedule can be difficult and stressful for us. But there are things you can do at home and maintain your physical and mental health,Continue reading “Why a Daily Routine is So Important”

8 Small Changes to Improve Your Life

It’s too common to want to improve our lives so that we live the best ones. You may think of making huge changes as the beginning of a new year. But the truth is that smaller, more sustainable actions and hacks actually help you improve your day-to-day life when they add up over time. TheseContinue reading “8 Small Changes to Improve Your Life”

What is Decision Fatigue and How to Reduce It?

What is Decision Fatigue? Decision fatigue is an emotional and mental strain that occurs when people feel exhausted from making too many choices. We face hundreds of choices all the time, from big decisions to small decisions – from what to wear to work (skirt or pants), to what to eat for lunch (sandwich orContinue reading “What is Decision Fatigue and How to Reduce It?”

8 Things to Declutter Before the New Year

By Victoria Q This is probably the busiest time of the year. Christmas had just passed, and the new year is coming soon in less than a week time. The house is in disaster. Toys are lying around the living room, books are everywhere on the desk, and Christmas decor is sitting around every cornerContinue reading “8 Things to Declutter Before the New Year”

5 Ways to Celebrate a Minimalist Christmas

By Victoria Q It’s finally the time of the year to wear thick clothes, sit down with a blanket and sip a warm cup of cocoa. Who doesn’t like Christmas? Everyone loves Christmas. No matter what age we are, we just couldn’t be bored of Christmas. Chocolates, cakes, mint candies, puddings, jellies are never tooContinue reading “5 Ways to Celebrate a Minimalist Christmas”

Vegan Banana Bread

By Victoria Q Living alone or perhaps you’re the only banana lover at home can be quite stressful to finish up the bananas yourself. Bananas we can find in local marts usually comes in a bunch of 6-7 which is considered a lot for a person. Sometimes they get overripe even before you get toContinue reading “Vegan Banana Bread”

Dream Life

By Victoria Q First thing first, let me ask you. Have you ever thought of how you want your life to be? What’s your dream life? Some people want a stable office job with a fixed income to bring back home every month, some people want a stable job but with flexible income where theyContinue reading “Dream Life”

How I Re-approach Minimalism

By Victoria Q 1. Declutter Room by Room I started with my bedroom. I took everything out from the closet and lie them on the bed. I separate them by category – shorts, short skirts, long skirts, pants, dress, t-shirt, blouse, activewear, and home wear. I hold and feel every piece of the clothes. FeelContinue reading “How I Re-approach Minimalism”

Why I Want to Re-approach Minimalism?

By Victoria Q One sentence: I want to slow down. The modern world moving at a fast pace, just like everybody, I also got dragged along. I’m the type of person that always fill up my schedule and has 2 pages long to-do lists every single day. Okay, let’s not exaggerate it. Perhaps my to-doContinue reading “Why I Want to Re-approach Minimalism?”

I Failed and Re-approach Minimalism

By Victoria Q What is minimalism? Basically, minimalism is a lifestyle that helps you to focus on what you value the most so that you can live a meaningful life. The meaning of minimalism varies from person to person. However, all minimalists share a common goal which is to focus on what really matters toContinue reading “I Failed and Re-approach Minimalism”

These 4 Methods Help Me to Overcome Insomnia

By Victoria Q Insomnia is a very common sleep disorder that many of us have. Research found that 36% of UK adults struggle to get to sleep at least on a weekly basis, almost 1 in 5 have trouble asleep every single night and nearly half of the UK have trouble falling asleep at leastContinue reading “These 4 Methods Help Me to Overcome Insomnia”

5 Surprising Reasons Why You’re Always Bloated

By Victoria Q Hi there! It’s been quite some time since I posted articles about self-help/personal development. I’ve always been loving cooking, baking and making new recipes and that’s why you would see I was posting plenty of recipes lately. I just love food so much. I also love sharing my stories and knowledge toContinue reading “5 Surprising Reasons Why You’re Always Bloated”

7 Plants That Promote Better Sleep

By Victoria Q Nowadays, many people are having insomnia or some other problems that interrupt their sleep. Sleep is essential for us to stay happy and healthy. Not getting enough sleep at night leaving us sluggish, lethargic and will affect daily activities. Hence, they tend to rely on medication to put them to sleep, whichContinue reading “7 Plants That Promote Better Sleep”

What is Intuitive Eating?

By Victoria Q The Basic Intuitive eating is an approach toward food and body image by making peace with all types of food. This means you’re not restrict or ban certain type or group of foods and stop looking at food as “good” or “bad”. Instead, you listen to your body cues like hunger, fullnessContinue reading “What is Intuitive Eating?”

What I’ve Learnt Throughout My Weight Loss Journey

By Victoria Q DISCLAIMER: This essay included unhealthy weight loss methods that shouldn’t be used for any reason as they can be life-threatening. I’ve tried plenty of diets out there in my life. Whether it is Keto Diet, Low-Fat Diet, No Carbs Diet, High Protein Diet, Smoothie Diet, Juice Diet, Vegetable Soup Diet or evenContinue reading “What I’ve Learnt Throughout My Weight Loss Journey”

Best Ways to Win Over Yourself

By Victoria Q We’re born knowing how to eat only when we’re hungry, how to not care what other peoples think about our bad singing and awful dance movement, we know how to play, create, and love without holding back. And, most importantly we know how to trust our instincts. As we grow and learnContinue reading “Best Ways to Win Over Yourself”

Best Vegan Breakfast To Try Out This Weekend

By Victoria Q Previously, I’ve written a post regarding vegan breakfast that can be done very quick within 10 minutes for busy weekdays. This time, I’m going to write about vegan breakfast you can make during weekends or holidays when you have more time on hand. The options below are perfect to share with familyContinue reading “Best Vegan Breakfast To Try Out This Weekend”

How To Beat The Sunday Scaries

By Victoria Q Sunday, one-half of the weekend. One of the two days off that most of us can rest, relax and recharge before going back to workweek. A day that shouldn’t be spent worrying about Monday. It’s normal to have some anxiety and fear about the upcoming workweek. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed with responsibilities,Continue reading “How To Beat The Sunday Scaries”

Best PMS Snacks

By Victoria Q Exercise and a healthy diet are the most common natural ways you can keep PMS at bay. Exercising and eating right can control bloating, depression, and mood swings during PMS. The types of food you choose are just as important as the quantity and timing. It’s fine to give in to cravingsContinue reading “Best PMS Snacks”

Benefits Of Home Gardening

By Victoria Q Home gardening has become trendy now. It isn’t just about decorating your house with green plants. Although that could be one of the reasons, however, home gardening has a huge impact on health and wellness. It is an easy activity to share, and you could benefit from it. Interacting with flora notContinue reading “Benefits Of Home Gardening”

7 Ways For A Happier Life.

By Victoria Q How do we find happiness in our life? The question is simple though, but not everyone can answer it. Happiness is something everyone deserves and wants. But when you really take time to assess your level of happiness, you may find you’re out of balance. Like anything else, it takes practice toContinue reading “7 Ways For A Happier Life.”

Everything About Period Bloating: How To Reduce It

By Victoria Q What is period bloating? Period bloating means your body is retaining water. Your belly will feel heavy or swollen 2 to 4 days (some people experienced a week) before and a few days during your period. This could include feeling tighter or gaining weight. If the symptoms continue for a long periodContinue reading “Everything About Period Bloating: How To Reduce It”

7 Ways To Unwind Before Bedtime

By Victoria Q Relaxing before bed can be difficult at some point. Life is hectic and full of stress that you’re still thinking about what happened today, what you need to complete tomorrow, did you remember to do this task or else. This cause much harder to fall asleep at night because your brain justContinue reading “7 Ways To Unwind Before Bedtime”

8 Nighttime Habits That Ruin Your Sleep

By Victoria Q When you get exhausted from being busy the whole day at work, your wish is probably to go back home as soon as possible and get a restful night. Step into your bedroom at 11 P.M only to find out you’re lying on the bed with your eyes fixed at the ceiling.Continue reading “8 Nighttime Habits That Ruin Your Sleep”

Declutter Your Living Space In 20 Minutes

By Victoria Q Everyone has a bit of junk lying around the house. However, the majority of us have more than a little. Many people feel stressed and life is out of control when they surround themselves with more things than they can manage especially in their house. Decluttering the entire house can be overwhelming,Continue reading “Declutter Your Living Space In 20 Minutes”

Alone Time

By Victoria Q I spend plenty of time by myself. In fact, I don’t know if anyone I know spends more time alone than me. At least 85% of my time is spent solo – be it in walking, writing, exercising, reading or thinking. In the beginning, I felt uncomfortable being alone – the silenceContinue reading “Alone Time”

Warmth Of Love

By Victoria Q I was sick for quite a long time. I had to eat more than 20 tablets of medication each day. One night after work, I was suffered from gastritis for having too much medication. So, I had to go to a hospital to get it treated, with my BFF accompanied me. GastritisContinue reading “Warmth Of Love”

Lockdown Holiday

By Victoria Q It has been the fourth day since lockdown began (again). Not everyone enjoys the lockdown. In fact, no one loves lockdown – where you can only stay at home, limited car passengers, limited shopping time, limited staying outside. But I do love lockdown. I do enjoy lockdown. Stay at home makes meContinue reading “Lockdown Holiday”