Cooking with Air Fryer – 20 Minutes Rotisserie Chicken

By Victoria Q How would you ever know that this juicy rotisserie chicken recipe can be cooked in an air fryer! And I’ll show you how. Making your own rotisserie chicken at home seem a little intimidating but it’s actually very easy especially in an air fryer. And once you’ve tried it, you’ll always wantContinue reading “Cooking with Air Fryer – 20 Minutes Rotisserie Chicken”

A recipe that even your kids can make – Halloween Oreo Mint Bark

By Victoria Q Hi friends, I’m so excited! Can you feel it? Halloween is just around the corner with 8 days left!! This time I’m coming back with Halloween treats recipe that even your kids can make together. This Halloween Oreo Mint Bark is perfect sweet treats and goodies to share with your family orContinue reading “A recipe that even your kids can make – Halloween Oreo Mint Bark”

Cooking with Air Fryer – Lemon Herb Chicken

By Victoria Q Want to have a healthy homemade meal but don’t have the time to cook? No worries. This recipe is very simple to make and all you have to do is leave the chicken in the air fryer with enough time on, flip once halfway through and wait for it to be cooked.Continue reading “Cooking with Air Fryer – Lemon Herb Chicken”

The Chinese Coconut Chicken Soup

By Victoria Q What?! Coconut soup?! You’ve probably heard of coconut water, coconut shake, coconut ice cream or even coconut yogurt, but what on earth is coconut chicken soup? I know this may sound weird but, yes, you’ve heard it right, Coconut Chicken Soup! It’s a type of Chinese soup that is super nutritious andContinue reading “The Chinese Coconut Chicken Soup”