How I Feel After Diagnosed with COVID-19

I was diagnosed with COVID-19 on 25th February, along with my mum. We were ordered to stay at home for self-quarantine for 7 days. So, we stayed in our own room. The other family members were also ordered to be quarantined at home for the next 5 days. I had a sore throat, cough, bodyContinue reading “How I Feel After Diagnosed with COVID-19”

My Intentions For 2022

By Victoria Q To begin an entirely new year, I’ve outlined my intentions for the year that I want to focus on. I don’t see them as my yearly goals because I tend to get overwhelmed if I can’t achieve everything on the list. This affects me negatively, so I prefer to look at themContinue reading “My Intentions For 2022”

Recap of 2021: Review

By Victoria Q This is the first time I write a recap of a year. After getting inspired by some amazing people, I’m doing one to review my accomplishment this year. Found Real Passion I’m very proud to say I’ve found my real passion for life this year. I’ve been searching and feeling stuck throughoutContinue reading “Recap of 2021: Review”

Getting Ready for Christmas Holiday

By Victoria Q Santa Claus is coming to town~~ Yeah!! There’s only 1 week left before the exciting holiday season of the year! This year I’m going to visit my best friends, whom I have last seen in March 2021, just before the national lockdown happened. Okay, let me tell you a little story ofContinue reading “Getting Ready for Christmas Holiday”

Handmade Christmas Gifts

By Victoria Q Giving out and receiving gifts is a very special moment. It makes it even more meaningful because that’s not something we can do every day. We get excited and can’t wait to see what we will receive. At the same time, we’re also worrying whether the receivers will like the gifts weContinue reading “Handmade Christmas Gifts”

Dream Life

By Victoria Q First thing first, let me ask you. Have you ever thought of how you want your life to be? What’s your dream life? Some people want a stable office job with a fixed income to bring back home every month, some people want a stable job but with flexible income where theyContinue reading “Dream Life”

A New Sunday Morning

By Victoria Q I watched a Youtube video from a successful businessman for the past 2 days. One phrase of him caught my attention, saying “You need changes if you want success. Changes are growth, growth is the success.” Yes. We can’t just stay in the same position and complain like a whining baby allContinue reading “A New Sunday Morning”

A Recharge Day

By Victoria Q My typical 8-5 office job is getting busier lately and I’m having burnt out every single day. It left me no energy after work. I don’t feel like cooking, I don’t feel like eating, I don’t feel like walking. I just want to lie down and if possible, fall into sleep. Nope,Continue reading “A Recharge Day”

Night Before Real Birthday

By Victoria Q The clock was ticking showing 7 hours left before midnight. I took my handbag, car keys and headed to a mart, which was located 15 minutes from my house. I walked around the mart, still wondering what to buy. Trying something new or unusual will probably be the best idea since IContinue reading “Night Before Real Birthday”

Alone Time

By Victoria Q I spend plenty of time by myself. In fact, I don’t know if anyone I know spends more time alone than me. At least 85% of my time is spent solo – be it in walking, writing, exercising, reading or thinking. In the beginning, I felt uncomfortable being alone – the silenceContinue reading “Alone Time”

Warmth Of Love

By Victoria Q I was sick for quite a long time. I had to eat more than 20 tablets of medication each day. One night after work, I was suffered from gastritis for having too much medication. So, I had to go to a hospital to get it treated, with my BFF accompanied me. GastritisContinue reading “Warmth Of Love”


By Victoria Q   4.05 P.M, the sky was cloudy, the air-conditioned office was getting colder, it’s a hint that it’ll be raining sooner or later. I was supposed to be focusing on my work, strangely, I just couldn’t get through it. I scrolled through my phone, checking if I have any message or notification. No,Continue reading “Friends”

Lockdown Holiday

By Victoria Q It has been the fourth day since lockdown began (again). Not everyone enjoys the lockdown. In fact, no one loves lockdown – where you can only stay at home, limited car passengers, limited shopping time, limited staying outside. But I do love lockdown. I do enjoy lockdown. Stay at home makes meContinue reading “Lockdown Holiday”

The 3 A.M. Reading

By Victoria Q I woke in the middle of the night at 3 a.m. Couldn’t fall back asleep so I took a book I’m recently fond of – Christmas For One by Amanda Prowse and read it, hoping to fall back asleep quickly as I have to wake up at 7.10 a.m for work later.Continue reading “The 3 A.M. Reading”