Why a Daily Routine is So Important

Because of the pandemic, daily routines have become more important now than ever. Many of us are work from home and have our families and children with us. This environment and schedule can be difficult and stressful for us. But there are things you can do at home and maintain your physical and mental health,Continue reading “Why a Daily Routine is So Important”

Vegan Matcha Granola

A perfect ongoing snack that is gluten-free, dairy-free, and filling for a healthier choice. It’s chewy, mildly bitter taste of matcha, and totally freezer friendly if you want to make in a big batch. I’ve made granola back in 2020 and today, I come back with a new version of granola with matcha flavour. IContinue reading “Vegan Matcha Granola”

8 Fun and Cozy Winter Activities

Winter might not be everyone’s favourite season of the year. The winter months can be long, dark, and boring. I know there’s a lot of overcast and grey days where most people tend to find themselves less energized when it gets dark so early. But we can turn it into a cozy and really enjoyableContinue reading “8 Fun and Cozy Winter Activities”

Vegan Orange Baked Oatmeal

Moist, yummy and cake-like consistency that you’ll never stop eating. This baked oatmeal is naturally sweetened with brown sugar syrup and packed with tons of vitamin C. It tastes refreshing with its citrusy orange juice and zest in every bite. Eat on its own for a simple breakfast or drizzle with orange icing topping forContinue reading “Vegan Orange Baked Oatmeal”

8 Small Changes to Improve Your Life

It’s too common to want to improve our lives so that we live the best ones. You may think of making huge changes as the beginning of a new year. But the truth is that smaller, more sustainable actions and hacks actually help you improve your day-to-day life when they add up over time. TheseContinue reading “8 Small Changes to Improve Your Life”

What is Decision Fatigue and How to Reduce It?

What is Decision Fatigue? Decision fatigue is an emotional and mental strain that occurs when people feel exhausted from making too many choices. We face hundreds of choices all the time, from big decisions to small decisions – from what to wear to work (skirt or pants), to what to eat for lunch (sandwich orContinue reading “What is Decision Fatigue and How to Reduce It?”

My Intentions For 2022

By Victoria Q To begin an entirely new year, I’ve outlined my intentions for the year that I want to focus on. I don’t see them as my yearly goals because I tend to get overwhelmed if I can’t achieve everything on the list. This affects me negatively, so I prefer to look at themContinue reading “My Intentions For 2022”

Recap of 2021: Review

By Victoria Q This is the first time I write a recap of a year. After getting inspired by some amazing people, I’m doing one to review my accomplishment this year. Found Real Passion I’m very proud to say I’ve found my real passion for life this year. I’ve been searching and feeling stuck throughoutContinue reading “Recap of 2021: Review”

8 Things to Declutter Before the New Year

By Victoria Q This is probably the busiest time of the year. Christmas had just passed, and the new year is coming soon in less than a week time. The house is in disaster. Toys are lying around the living room, books are everywhere on the desk, and Christmas decor is sitting around every cornerContinue reading “8 Things to Declutter Before the New Year”

The Best Christmas Gifts Ever – The Vegan Chocolate Chips Cookies

By Victoria Q Ho ho ho~ Merry Christmas~ May the holiday season fill your home with joy, your heart with love, and your life with laughter. As I promised in my previous post on “Getting Ready for Christmas Holiday”, I’m going to reveal my recipe for this year handmade gifts in today’s post – TheContinue reading “The Best Christmas Gifts Ever – The Vegan Chocolate Chips Cookies”

The Simplest Christmas Eve’s Baking Recipe – Easy Vegan Lemon Pound Cake

By Victoria Q After listening to Christmas songs and news about the coming holiday on the radio for almost 2 months, finally… Finally…. Finally, it’s time for the most exciting season of the year, Christmas!!! I’ve been watching new and re-watch countless Christmas’ movies almost every single night for these 2 months, right after Halloween.Continue reading “The Simplest Christmas Eve’s Baking Recipe – Easy Vegan Lemon Pound Cake”

Getting Ready for Christmas Holiday

By Victoria Q Santa Claus is coming to town~~ Yeah!! There’s only 1 week left before the exciting holiday season of the year! This year I’m going to visit my best friends, whom I have last seen in March 2021, just before the national lockdown happened. Okay, let me tell you a little story ofContinue reading “Getting Ready for Christmas Holiday”

Handmade Christmas Gifts

By Victoria Q Giving out and receiving gifts is a very special moment. It makes it even more meaningful because that’s not something we can do every day. We get excited and can’t wait to see what we will receive. At the same time, we’re also worrying whether the receivers will like the gifts weContinue reading “Handmade Christmas Gifts”

5 Ways to Celebrate a Minimalist Christmas

By Victoria Q It’s finally the time of the year to wear thick clothes, sit down with a blanket and sip a warm cup of cocoa. Who doesn’t like Christmas? Everyone loves Christmas. No matter what age we are, we just couldn’t be bored of Christmas. Chocolates, cakes, mint candies, puddings, jellies are never tooContinue reading “5 Ways to Celebrate a Minimalist Christmas”

Vegan Banana Bread

By Victoria Q Living alone or perhaps you’re the only banana lover at home can be quite stressful to finish up the bananas yourself. Bananas we can find in local marts usually comes in a bunch of 6-7 which is considered a lot for a person. Sometimes they get overripe even before you get toContinue reading “Vegan Banana Bread”

Dream Life

By Victoria Q First thing first, let me ask you. Have you ever thought of how you want your life to be? What’s your dream life? Some people want a stable office job with a fixed income to bring back home every month, some people want a stable job but with flexible income where theyContinue reading “Dream Life”

A New Sunday Morning

By Victoria Q I watched a Youtube video from a successful businessman for the past 2 days. One phrase of him caught my attention, saying “You need changes if you want success. Changes are growth, growth is the success.” Yes. We can’t just stay in the same position and complain like a whining baby allContinue reading “A New Sunday Morning”

A Recharge Day

By Victoria Q My typical 8-5 office job is getting busier lately and I’m having burnt out every single day. It left me no energy after work. I don’t feel like cooking, I don’t feel like eating, I don’t feel like walking. I just want to lie down and if possible, fall into sleep. Nope,Continue reading “A Recharge Day”

How I Re-approach Minimalism

By Victoria Q 1. Declutter Room by Room I started with my bedroom. I took everything out from the closet and lie them on the bed. I separate them by category – shorts, short skirts, long skirts, pants, dress, t-shirt, blouse, activewear, and home wear. I hold and feel every piece of the clothes. FeelContinue reading “How I Re-approach Minimalism”

Why I Want to Re-approach Minimalism?

By Victoria Q One sentence: I want to slow down. The modern world moving at a fast pace, just like everybody, I also got dragged along. I’m the type of person that always fill up my schedule and has 2 pages long to-do lists every single day. Okay, let’s not exaggerate it. Perhaps my to-doContinue reading “Why I Want to Re-approach Minimalism?”

I Failed and Re-approach Minimalism

By Victoria Q What is minimalism? Basically, minimalism is a lifestyle that helps you to focus on what you value the most so that you can live a meaningful life. The meaning of minimalism varies from person to person. However, all minimalists share a common goal which is to focus on what really matters toContinue reading “I Failed and Re-approach Minimalism”

These 4 Methods Help Me to Overcome Insomnia

By Victoria Q Insomnia is a very common sleep disorder that many of us have. Research found that 36% of UK adults struggle to get to sleep at least on a weekly basis, almost 1 in 5 have trouble asleep every single night and nearly half of the UK have trouble falling asleep at leastContinue reading “These 4 Methods Help Me to Overcome Insomnia”

Cooking with Air Fryer – 20 Minutes Rotisserie Chicken

By Victoria Q How would you ever know that this juicy rotisserie chicken recipe can be cooked in an air fryer! And I’ll show you how. Making your own rotisserie chicken at home seem a little intimidating but it’s actually very easy especially in an air fryer. And once you’ve tried it, you’ll always wantContinue reading “Cooking with Air Fryer – 20 Minutes Rotisserie Chicken”

5 Surprising Reasons Why You’re Always Bloated

By Victoria Q Hi there! It’s been quite some time since I posted articles about self-help/personal development. I’ve always been loving cooking, baking and making new recipes and that’s why you would see I was posting plenty of recipes lately. I just love food so much. I also love sharing my stories and knowledge toContinue reading “5 Surprising Reasons Why You’re Always Bloated”

Vegan Potato and Tofu Scramble Burrito

By Victoria Q Hi there, I come back with another lunch recipe to share with you guys! Lately, I’ve been busy trying something new in my life, so I prefer making a lunch dish without spending much time on it. Even though I want it to be simple and quick, but I also want itContinue reading “Vegan Potato and Tofu Scramble Burrito”

Tofu Scramble Salad (Vegan)

By Victoria Q Perhaps you eat too much dessert during Halloween and want to get back on track, or perhaps you just want to load up on your greens for better digestion, this salad is super easy to make with minimal ingredients which may already sit in your fridge. Also, use this excuse to clearContinue reading “Tofu Scramble Salad (Vegan)”

Celebrate World Vegan Day – Chickpea Meatballs

By Victoria Q It’s November 1st! Who knows what day is today? It’s World Vegan Day! Hurray~ For those who don’t know, let me tell you this. World Vegan Day is celebrated on 1st November worldwide by vegans to encourage people to follow a vegan lifestyle since it is beneficial for their health as wellContinue reading “Celebrate World Vegan Day – Chickpea Meatballs”

2021 Halloween: Best Breakfast Ever – Pumpkin Muffins (Vegan)

By Victoria Q Happy Halloween, my friends! I can’t believe we’re already past a month in the last quarter of the year. Time flies so fast! It seems like it was just yesterday that we had the New Year celebration and now, we’re already moving to the next New Year celebration! Talking about Halloween, whatContinue reading “2021 Halloween: Best Breakfast Ever – Pumpkin Muffins (Vegan)”

Easy Peasy Quick Dinner – Pumpkin Curry (Vegan)

By Victoria Q As we enter the fall season and the last quarter of 2021, this got me really crazy about pumpkin especially since Halloween is just around the corner. I’d had plenty of pumpkin baked goods lately when I was trying to create new recipes and honestly, I’m a little bored of it (asContinue reading “Easy Peasy Quick Dinner – Pumpkin Curry (Vegan)”

A recipe that even your kids can make – Halloween Oreo Mint Bark

By Victoria Q Hi friends, I’m so excited! Can you feel it? Halloween is just around the corner with 8 days left!! This time I’m coming back with Halloween treats recipe that even your kids can make together. This Halloween Oreo Mint Bark is perfect sweet treats and goodies to share with your family orContinue reading “A recipe that even your kids can make – Halloween Oreo Mint Bark”

The Best Rainy-Day Idea – Creamy Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread (Vegan) (2 recipes in 1)

By Victoria Q Soups are healthy and fast to make. All you need to do is to go through your fridge, pick out any leftover veggies, add them into a large pot, then add vegetable stock and some spices, stir, cook and…. That’s all! Not only they’re easy to make, but also perfect to warmContinue reading “The Best Rainy-Day Idea – Creamy Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread (Vegan) (2 recipes in 1)”

Cooking with Air Fryer – Lemon Herb Chicken

By Victoria Q Want to have a healthy homemade meal but don’t have the time to cook? No worries. This recipe is very simple to make and all you have to do is leave the chicken in the air fryer with enough time on, flip once halfway through and wait for it to be cooked.Continue reading “Cooking with Air Fryer – Lemon Herb Chicken”

The Chinese Coconut Chicken Soup

By Victoria Q What?! Coconut soup?! You’ve probably heard of coconut water, coconut shake, coconut ice cream or even coconut yogurt, but what on earth is coconut chicken soup? I know this may sound weird but, yes, you’ve heard it right, Coconut Chicken Soup! It’s a type of Chinese soup that is super nutritious andContinue reading “The Chinese Coconut Chicken Soup”

A High Protein Vegan Meal – Smoky BBQ Tempeh

By Victoria Q What’s an important factor we’re looking for when it comes to a healthy meal? It’s high in protein, of course. A meal that high in protein not only help repair muscles cells, it also aids in weight loss. Protein needs more time to break down, hence it will keep you full longer.Continue reading “A High Protein Vegan Meal – Smoky BBQ Tempeh”

Popcorn Seaweed Fish (Vegan)

By Victoria Q You’ve probably heard plenty of popcorn fish recipes out there, but this recipe isn’t only about popcorn fish. It’s Popcorn Seaweed Fish!!! This crunchy Popcorn Seaweed Fish is not only delicious but also meatless! Which means it’s perfect for vegans. I found that people who are exploring or just want to startContinue reading “Popcorn Seaweed Fish (Vegan)”