What Happens When You Leave Your Comfort Zone?

The comfort zone is a mental state that does not allow a person to grow more than their current state. It may be okay to be there and to feel comfortable for a while, but if you want to continue to grow and adjust to new situations, this is not a place to stay long.

Although this comfort zone may seem nice, it is not sufficiently stimulating. Ultimately, staying there will make you feel empty. The goal in life is to continually challenge yourself, and continually improve yourself. And in order to do that, you have to move out of your comfort zone.

If you can push through, and out of, your comfort zone, you may find that an exciting and new world awaits you!

1. You Will Grow Stronger

When you first step out of your comfort zone, you might feel afraid and anxious. Feeling insecure in the face of change is natural. That fear provides a warning that the road may not be easy.

What scares you is the feeling of uncertainty. You might be scared of not knowing what will happen the next minute. So, it’s important to approach it with a positive mentality.

Once you keep stepping out, despite being afraid, you may see that it was no big deal. If you fall from time to time, you will grow as a person. As you continue to move forward, over time, you’ll look back and be proud of yourself.

2. You Will See Yourself in a Different Way

Each time you move out of your comfort zone, you immediately prove to yourself that you’re capable of achieving more than you thought was possible. And when that happens, it will change the way you see yourself in a different way.

Once you move out of your comfort zone often, you’ll prove to other people, as well, that you’re capable of much more than you’ve shown in the past. The increased confidence other people place in you will bring about more opportunities than ever before.

3. A Boost in Self-Confidence

Leaving your comfort zone and taking steps to achieve your goals will have positive effects on your self-efficacy beliefs (or confidence).

When you push yourself out of your comfort zone, you will be able to see how certain skills are in use. Therefore, the more you push yourself out and test yourself, you will see how mastering different skills in different parts of life is important and eventually, it will increase your self-confidence.

The very common self-confidence skills you’ll learn on the go are filling more positive thoughts and aspirations, less stress and anxiety, and never giving up.

4. Fewer Regrets

When we are young, we are more likely to take risks. As we get older, we begin to fear of failure. The feeling of fear takes a serious emotional toll on us unless we change the way we think.

Leaving your comfort zone allows you to have new experiences and engage in activities that you haven’t before, all while opening you up to meet new people. If you can try this, you are open to all sorts of possibilities you may not have thought possible.

In Summary

It will seem really scary at first to get out of your comfort zone. As you slowly push past your comfort zone, you’ll feel more and more at ease about the new things you’ve never known before.

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