When You Focus on The Good, The Good Gets Better

The quote is first introduced by Abraham Hicks referring to the fact that when you shift your thoughts to positive thinking it is more likely for you to see a series of good events unfolding in your life.

The same thing goes when you focus on the negative energy and thoughts. Meaning that when you focus on the bad side of an event, you will only attract more bad events into your daily life.

To focus on the good, you need to learn how to remove negative thoughts at first.

How to Remove Negative Thoughts?

1. Gratitude

Practising gratitude has proven to strengthen your mental health. It makes you happier and more optimistic, as well as boosting your relationships with others.

You may not know, but there are actually plenty of things we should be grateful for. Be blessed that you’re waking up another day and feeling healthy. Be grateful for what your body did unconsciously.

Some people like to express their gratitude by writing on a journal, or you can simply telling someone how they impacted your life.

2. Forgiveness and Acceptance

To forgive means that you need to let go of the past and any painful memories that may be holding you back from living your desired life.

For example, you screwed up a presentation at work today. You blamed, feeling guilty and bad about yourself. You are definitely not alone. Everyone is born with the ability to make mistakes throughout their lives.

Dragging around the past mistakes with guilt and self-criticism is pointless. Guilt, shame and self-criticism are some of the destructive forces in your life. So, get it over and move on.

Once you forgive your past self and come to good terms with who you were before the present moment you are ready to practice acceptance.

3. Seek a Minimalist Lifestyle

Seeking a minimalist lifestyle could be one of the easiest suggestions for those want to follow by the rules of this quote.

Minimalism, is based on the belief that less is better. People that adopt minimalist lifestyle focus on the value instead of the quantity. For example, by leading a minimalist life, you will realize that having a few loyal friends would be much more valuable than having a load of disloyal pals.

A minimalist life will help you save more time, energy, and money by teaching you to avoid overspending on unnecessary things or dedicating your time and energy to unworthy matters.

4. Give Up on Comparison

Comparison is the fastest way to take all of the fun out of life. It’s totally none of your business what someone achieved in their life, where they’ve been for this summer vacation, or how their life seems perfect.

All that matters is that you’re enjoying and pleased with what you’re doing. Know that you are unique in your own way, and that’s your secret power.

5. Get a Hold of Your Emotions and Thoughts

If you are frustrated by a situation and you are on the verge of starting to complain, close your eyes for a moment and try to take a step back. Allow yourself to approach the situation from a different angle and try to look for the beauty in it.

Yes, this might sound ridiculous and weird at first, but once you get used to it, you’ll realize how it changed your mind. The most important thing is to free yourself from drama and self-criticism.

Stop spending time clinging to the negative things that make you feel bad. Instead, make the conscious choice to replace them with positive ones.

6. Hang Out with Positive People

Life is designed in such a way that you cannot leave your life alone. No matter how you love being alone, you’ll still need some people in your life. What kind of people you choose to stay together with will either affect your life positively or negatively.

Negative people can be contagious and have long-term impacts on your health. Meanwhile, positive people will help you up when you fall. These people have the big influencers on your life because they will determine your happiness and success in life. Life is beautiful when you are surrounded by people who will push your life forward.

In Summary

Facing different occurrences in life is a part of our nature as human beings, but it is still up to us to control our focus. When you maintain a positive mindset through it all, you’re way ahead of the game.

By adopting these habits and having wisdom and patience, I’m sure you’ll get there soon.

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