Procrastination, Regret and Move

Meaning of Procrastination

Procrastination is the act of delaying or putting off tasks until the last minute or past their deadline.

The Story of Me

Everyone is a procrastinator. Everyone is procrastinating something. It could be in their work, relationship, personal growth, health or wealth.

And here, I’m going to confess that I’m a procrastinator in my life lately. I’ve been putting off the desire to write for my blog for the past 2 months. I’ve also been delaying the research and tutorial I wanted to do so badly since last year.

I’ve been living my live way too relax and chill for the past 2 months. I no longer curious about learning the things I don’t know nor finding out how the things work in what I want to achieve in my life.

Every day has been the same routine for me – wake up, catch up on drama I left last night, go to work, lunch, back home, dinner, continue catching up on the drama. It’s like a circle that continue on and on for the past 2 months.

One day, I woke up feeling bored and not fun living my life like this anymore. So, I took the courage to push myself forward and start learning and doing things I’ve been delaying for so long. And, here comes the essay you’re reading now after 2 months of putting off my writing and blog.

How I Push Myself Forward

Here are the steps by steps I do to I push myself to get moving.

1. List Down What Have Been Putting Off

First thing first, you need to list down what you’ve been putting off. Doesn’t matter it’s a small task or a big project, list everything down on a paper.

From there, you’ll get to see how many tasks or projects you’re still pending on hands that you need to accomplish.

If you need to, take a silent moment, sit on a working desk and list them down. This is to make sure you don’t leave out any task or project.

2. Identify the Enemy

They said that when you want to find solutions to solve the problems, you first need to find out the reasons.

So, this step is to identity the reasons why you couldn’t move yourself to do the tasks. Is it because you afraid of failing? Is it because it requires an amount of money? Or, is it because you scare that the outcoming isn’t like what you expected of?

No matter what the reasons could be, if you want to stop procrastination, you’ll have to identify the reasons behind your action.

3. Spread Out the Smallest Tasks of Each Project

Next, you need to spread out all tasks and steps to take in each project even the smallest one, such as find a phone number in Google or search for a nearby place to buy something.

Life would be easier when you know you only have to do something quick and easy. These small tasks seem like nothing too important, but when you accumulate them together, they’ll form something big and important.

When you know you’ll only have to find a phone number in Google which takes no longer than 5 minutes, it’ll encourage you to do the action. So, don’t looks down on these babies!

4. Make Plan for Those Babies

So, you’ve spread out the even smallest tasks of each project, now you’ll have to make plan for them.

Take a silent moment and schedule them up in your calendar for the week ahead. There are plenty of planner you can find online. I personally love using Notion to list my to-do list for the entire week.

Put them on your planner or calendar and make time for them. Don’t try to pack your planner or calendar at once. Starts off slow by scheduling 3 to 5 small tasks each day. Then, adding 1 by 1 once you feel you can handle more than that.

5. Check the Plan Every Day

Checking the plan first thing in the morning can make you be aware of what kind of tasks you’ll need to accomplish by end of the day.

Once you cross out a task, check the next task, and so on. This way, you’ll know what you will be doing next and also help train your brain that you are ready to move to the next task.

6. Move

Lastly, move your ass off!

Plan is just a plan if you don’t move yourself forward. Only action could bring an incredible outcome.

In Summary

These steps are what I do to push myself from procrastinating my works any longer. The steps stated might or might not works for everyone. There’s no one size fits all, so feel free to make changes according to your needs. I hope this article can inspire you to move forward too.

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