Welcome to My New Life

Hello besties~ How’s everyone been so far? It’s been around 2 weeks since my last posting. That’s because I was making transitions in my life. Here are a few things happened lately.

Moving Out

I moved out again at the age of 27. I found a new job in another state which is 3 hour drive from my parent’s home. It wasn’t an easy decision to make after living with my parents and dogs for the past 3 years. They are too precious in my life, and it’s heavy for me to leave them. I was debating whether I should leave them to pursue my career or stay with them. But I wasn’t young anymore, so I decided to pursue my career with good planning to balance everything out with my parents and dogs.

New Job

I found a new job in a marketing agency. I’ve been interested in the field for the past few years and pursued further study in the field. Last month, which is in December 2022, I finally found an opportunity to be in the field. I was nervous and excited at the same time because I’d never worked in a marketing agency before. But I’m also excited because I’ve been waiting for it for the past few years.

New Adventure

Currently, my life is such an adventure. It’s a totally new life for me. I’m living in a place I’ve never lived before, working in a field I’ve never worked in before, meeting all those new people and going to all those new places. Each step I take is new for me. I still feel nervous and excited.

What’s my future plan

I’m going to explore more about the marketing field. I want to continue trying new things in it and become an expert. I also plan to live with my dogs next year once everything’s settled down.

Please stay tuned with my new life~

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