Dear all my beloved readers, thanks for stopping by. Thanks for your support. The website wouldn’t have run smoothly, if it weren’t because of you all.

If you all notice, I’ve stopped posting my recipe on the website for quite some time now. This is because I’ve found that posting recipes on social media platforms makes them more realistic and gives you the entire process of making the food.

So, I’ve decided to separate my Instagram and TikTok into 2 different functions.

My Instagram platform will be used to engage with you all. To give a glimpse of my life and share fun things.

Meanwhile, my TikTok platform will be used to upload my video creations about food, recipes, skincare products, places and more. Because… I’m a food lover, recipe creator and traveller!

Remember to check them out!

Once again, thank you so much for spending your precious time on my website.

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