5 Gentle Things to Remind Yourself Daily

Life is busy, but taking time to remind ourselves what’s important can serve more than just a reminder. Busy life encourages us to do more, achieve more, and expect more. It’s a good thing, but sometimes we need a little pick-me-up reminder of what’s really important and how to enjoy the little things in life.

Having daily reminders can automatically shift our focus to what’s great about us, which in turn, can set us to have a great day. It’s a gentle reminder to slow down, live intentionally and appreciate what we have.

In this article, you’ll find 5 gentle things to remind yourself daily to make the most out of your life.

1. Don’t Rush Things

We’re always going somewhere. Wake up earlier, eat healthier, meditate, read a book, go to the gym, work, have lunch with a friend, pick up a few things from the store, cook a delicious dinner, do laundry, clean the kitchen, work on your hobby, and the lists go on? Sure, you can cram everything you want to do in one day, but that will leave you feeling stressed.

We’re always trying to achieve something, to get somewhere. In the process, we forget to experience the present moment. So, make a decision, and spread out what you want to do over the week. Remember to take a break from time to time and enjoy the moment.

2. Do Something Toward Your Goal

Just because you’re not rushing things and living in the present doesn’t mean you should forget about tomorrow. In fact, we should shape our future by making conscious decisions and taking serious actions toward it.

Start by thinking of something you want to do or work towards – it can be a big thing or a small thing. Working towards your goals can sometimes be difficult and frustrating, so you need to be consistent.

If you’re struggling, ask people you know for their ideas on what you could do. They may help you to see a different way and find a solution to your problem.

3. Your Life is Good

It’s easy to compare yourself to someone who’s doing better than you. No matter how successful you are, how much money you earn, or how knowledgeable you are, there is always someone who has more success, richer and more knowledgeable than you. You can’t compare happiness, family, health, and lifestyle with anybody else.

Comparison is the fastest way to take all of the fun out of life. Remember that your life is good the way it is. Know that you are unique in your own way, and that’s your secret power.

4. Make Time for Your Personal Task

It’s easy to say you don’t have time to do your personal tasks because you give all your time and attention to your career. Read, work out, call your parents, take a walk, do your groceries shopping, or whatever you should do. That’s true for everyone.

Not everyone has the time to do all these things. But everyone knows that we all have the same 24 hours in a day. You can’t find or create more time. Instead, you can MAKE time for things that are important to you.

It might be hard to read 10 pages a day, work out for an hour daily, call your parents every single day, or whatever. So, start small, plan out what you want to do each day and put it on your schedule so that you can free out that particular time. Make effort to show up for yourself.

5. Never Be Too Harsh on Yourself

When things don’t go as planned, sometimes we’re too quick to put pressure on ourselves and started to stress about it. Many of us are our own hardest critics, constantly disapproving of every success.

This not only leaves us feeling miserable, but also negatively affects our mental health. Accept that you’re not perfect in every area of life and see this as something you need to take time to improve. Understand that it’s a series of steps towards a specific goal, and the process does take time. So, be patient and consistently work your way there.

In Summary

Life is hard and it’s a long journey to self-improvement. As I mentioned above, every process does take time so be patient and consistently work your way there.

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