How I Reset My Mind

We all go through times where we feel burnt out, exhausted, unmotivated, and worn out. That is a part of being human. It’s too common to want to improve our lives, so that we live the best ones. To turn your life around, you need a hard reset.

The power of resetting your life is giving yourself an entire fresh start, a clean slate to begin with. It completely clears your mind of all the unnecessary distractions and brings you back in the right direction of life.

Unfortunately, I really felt the effects of this lately. I’ve been losing motivation, having no energy, over or undereating (stress), feeling sick, waking up bloated, and many more. I knew what needed to be done. I needed to take a break and reset my life to get back on track to feeling like myself again. Here are the things I do to reset my life.

1. Take a Break from Life

When I say life, it really means everything. No work, no social media, no hanging out with friends, no electronic devices, and only focusing on myself. I take a break from everything because I needed it. Yes, the chances are that taking a break from work is the last thing on my mind because I’m a workaholic. But in reality, a break from work may be the best thing for me, my mental health, my well-being, and my productivity. Also, too much social media can negatively impact my mental health, ruin productivity, and make me feel more negative about my own life. I know sometimes I tend to unconsciously compare and be overwhelmed with too much social media. That’s the sign that I should take a break from it.

2. Read or Re-read a Self-Help Book

I love everything about self-help – books, podcasts, articles and Youtube videos. I want to help people to help themselves keep moving forward and do better in their lives. That’s also one of the reasons I built this website. When I get overwhelmed and feel lost in my life, I also rely on these self-help resources to stand up. During resetting my mind, I prefer reading a physical self-help book. As I mentioned in the first point, I take a break from all forms of electronic devices. Also, flipping and reading a physical book gives me a sense of calming down and relaxation. This helps me to slow down and focus on the book.

3. Journal Out My Thoughts

Practising gratitude can be really helpful when I feel like I need to reset my life. Oftentimes, when pursuing a life reset, I have plenty of negative thoughts and emotions surrounding my mind. I basically just dump everything in my journal book, which will be my negative thoughts. That can be my worries, problems I’m currently having, and how I feel about myself lately. After listing out everything, I’ll then move to how I can improve my life, which will be positive solutions. Life has a lot of great things to offer, but when we are burnt out and overwhelmed, we tend to go unrecognized and underappreciated. Journaling out can be a great way to bring up some of the positives in life as well. When having a reset day, it’s important to get back in touch with the things I love.

4. Plan Out My Actions

After journaling out my thoughts, the next step I take is to plan out my actions. I’ll ask myself a few questions when assessing my plan. I usually sit quietly on my work desk or sofa without any distractions and get deep about it. Afterwards, I’ll schedule my actions in my daily routine. It’s critical to stick to the schedule I planned. The advantage of sticking to a schedule is that you maintain the lifestyle you trying to achieve. So, by giving those actions a specific space in your life, you’ll develop a healthy and productive routine to keep your actions on track. Sometimes I couldn’t complete everything I planned but that’s okay. I’ll try to do as much as possibly can so that it remains part of my schedule.

The main three questions I will ask myself:

-How can I improve based on my past burnout?

-How can I prevent another burnout when trying to achieve my goals?

-What could I learn based on my past burnout?

5. Start Slow and Keep Checking on Myself

It is very important to start slowly after taking a break. When I had a major setback, it was challenging to get back on track. If I’m not careful enough, this can lead to overwhelming and giving up halfway when forcing myself to do everything at once. Also, I constantly check and track how far I’ve been. Sometimes I’m too quick to put pressure on myself when things don’t go as planned. This leaves me feeling miserable at the end of the day. Instead of thinking about the bad things, I’ll remember to give myself compliments when I can keep up with positive goals.

In Summary

I understand that not everyone has all the time to focus on themselves when there’s a real job and family to pay attention to, so let’s start small. You can start slowly by making time to do one of these methods every day. ­­­­­Reset takes effort and time. So, be patient and take it slowly.

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