How to Save Money While Travelling

Now that many countries are opening up their borders and welcoming tourists, some of us are resuming our vacation plans again. We all know travelling isn’t cheap or easy as the cost of living rises during this period. Depending on the destination and the length of stay, a vacation can take months of researching, planning, and saving.

When you’re travelling, the last thing you want to worry about is your budget and whether you’re blowing it or not. Saving money for travel is one thing, but making sure you don’t blow all that money within a few weeks into your trip is another challenge. Here, I’m sharing a few tips you can use to save money trying to stay on track with your budget.

1. Look For Free Activities

Most cities will offer a range of free activities, such as free walking tours, bus tours, or museum visits. If you do a little research, you’ll see there are often lots of free activities in the area. The hotel usually has great information on free activities available, or else a quick Google search should give you lots of options. Outdoor activities such as hiking or beach days are also great budget options. Museums sometimes have discounted admission on a certain time or day, so do check them out when planning your trip!

2. Shop at Farmer’s Markets or Local Stores

Farmer’s markets often lower the price of their food towards the end of the day. The food you buy at the farmer’s markets is seasonal, which also means they are fresh and delicious and reflect the truest flavours. You’ll get to experience real life, plus you’ll save a lot of money. Also, shopping at local stores allows you to taste the local cuisine without having to pay the price of a restaurant.

3. Know Where to Stay

Location is an important factor to consider when choosing accommodation. Transportation costs can add up quickly without you realizing it. So, you may want to stay in a central location that can easily access everywhere. If you want to save money when travelling, don’t just look for the cheapest accommodation but also calculate the transport costs for different areas. Ideally, somewhere you can walk everywhere would work best.

4. Eat Local

Tourist-focused restaurants are usually more expensive, and often not as tasty as you expected. Dining out where the locals eat is a great way to save money while experiencing the local cuisine. In some cities, walking just a few blocks will be able to find some cheap and good local restaurants. Either do research on local restaurants beforehand or choose places that look busy but are outside of touristy areas.

5. Book Activities Online

Tickets for attractions such as zoos, theme parks and viewing towers are often cheaper when you book online. Check their website while you are planning your trip, and consider signing up for their newsletter to get notifications when they got special discounts. Another way to get cheaper tickets is by booking activities through companies such as Groupon and Klook. They always offer a good price without leaving you broke.

6. Book a Hotel that includes breakfast

Many hotels offer breakfast without extra cost. When you eat breakfast at the hotel, you can walk out the door knowing you don’t have to search for a nearby breakfast place, which sometimes could be expensive. Some hotels also prepare local foods, and you get to try them without having to plan and do research. So, don’t miss this offer. It’s good money and time-saving tips!

7. Pack Light

To save on checked luggage costs, try to stay at Airbnbs or hotels with laundry facilities. This is a great way to cut your packing in half. Try to use carry-on luggage so you don’t have to pay to check your bags. If you’re tight on space, use a backpack for personal items and put clothes and valuable items in it. Not only does this carry-on trick save money, but it also eliminates the risk of losing luggage. If you must check your luggage, carry any big and fluffy coat or jacket with you to cut down on the cost.

In Summary

Going aboard is often so memorable because it’s unusual. Travelling to new places takes you out of your comfort zone and puts you in a new and unfamiliar place. Not everyone has the time or budget to head overseas, even for a few days. But if you plan carefully, save up, and follow these money-saving tips, you’ll be about to have an unforgettable international trip! And the more you save, the more you can travel!

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