27th Birthday Celebration

I had a blessed and wonderful birthday celebration with my colleagues and family on the 22nd of July, which was last Friday. I had to work, so my colleague bought me a cake and celebrated in the office. Last Friday wasn’t as busy as usual, so I had a good time at work. I usually feel burnout or exhausted on Friday because we had a 2 to 3 hours meeting with every department that required a lot of planning and solution. But, the meeting went so well and not tiring at all. We also had a quick celebration during lunchtime with a lot of amazing foods.

Later that evening, I enjoyed dinner and conversation with my beloved family. We had vegan foods, which I purposely requested for it. I’m not a vegan, but I’m trying to cut down on my meat consumption. Then, I played with my two lovely dogs and enjoyed the rest of the night watching a movie called Kate.

The next day, I woke up at 6.15am and had my morning doing exercises at home, and took a beautiful walk in a park like I always do when I’m not working. After taking my morning walk, I went to do a quick groceries shopping and headed back home to freshen up. Then, I headed out with my mum and two kids to buy lunch, which was from Mcdonald’s. The kids always love Mcdonald’s for any celebration.

My mum ordered a jelly cake that was sent to our house when we got back, and from there, we had a quick photo and cake session. I listened to my body’s hunger cue, so I wasn’t hungry until 1pm. I hadn’t got myself any lunch because I wasn’t too fond of Mcdonald’s. I went out for a drive and bought myself some buns and fruits.

I craved avocado toast, but I couldn’t find any sourdough. So, I only bought a doughnut, a cinnamon roll, a lemon tart, and a cup of iced flat white from a bakery. I then had the doughnut and flat white as my lunch. Then, I played with the kids until their parents came to pick them up. (P/S: My mum is a babysitter and takes care of them like a daycare service.)

Later that evening, I had dinner with my family at the same vegan restaurant. Then, we spend the rest of the night drinking and having conversations.

It was such a simple, pleasant and fun birthday. I’m so grateful for my body that works hard all the time, and I’m also thankful for all the blessings I’ve received.  

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