10 Solo Date Ideas to Try This Week

What is a solo date?

A solo date means spending time with yourself, prioritizing your happiness, and doing activities that bring joy to you. It may also mean spoiling yourself for a day, eating your cravings, and doing shopping that you always wanted to without feeling guilty. Whether you’re single or not, you sure will need self-dating from time to time.

Why do you need a solo date?

Alone time gives you the opportunity to reflect, re-centre, re-charge, and show yourself some love. You can reconnect with yourself, remind yourself of how great you are, and just care for yourself.

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How to plan for a solo date?

Step 1: Pick something out of your comfort zone

First solo date is always uncomfortable. It is very common to afraid of being seen doing things alone in the public. But don’t let it stop you from having your own date. Choose an activity you think you’d enjoy but still slightly outside of your comfort zone. It takes guts to date yourself!

Step 2: Mark your calendar

Put your solo date on your calendar, and commit to showing up for yourself. Treat it like you would a date with another person!

Step 3: Make it special

Get dressed up, put on your favourite perfume, get excited, and do whatever you need to do to feel great about yourself.

How to enjoy a solo date?

1. Enjoy a Nice Meal

Whether it’s an indoor garden, vintage, boho-chic type, or a book café, there will surely be one that suits your tastes. Take your date to the next level by trying out a luxury restaurant. Proudly call, and make a reservation for a table for one! Bring along your favourite book or journal if you feel uncomfortable. It’ll become easier the more you go.

2. Go to a Theme/Amusement Park

Take it back to the good old days when you and your friends would roam the theme parks in search of adventure and screaming fun. You still can have fun being alone! Head to Disneyland for fun times with old friends like Minnie and Donald Duck, or an amusement park that features vast roller coasters to scare your socks off.

3. Picnic at the Beachside

Sometimes, the best parties are about keeping things simple. Grab your beach bag, skateboard, and sunscreen and head down to your favourite beach! Pack a few beverages and some snacks, and lounge in the sunshine. Bring along your floaties if you’re energetic or your favourite book to just chill and enjoy a relaxing day.

4. Read Books in a Library

There’s nothing better than walking at a leisurely pace around a library, leafing through books that catch your eye, and then sitting comfortably on a wooden chair to read a few pages of those books that look promising. Enjoy the silent moment, and it’ll leave you satisfied when you get home, for sure!

5. Go to a Museum or Art Gallery

Connecting with history and art is as therapeutic as it gets. When you’re alone, you can stare at a piece or dawdle in an exhibit for as long as you want. Nobody is there to rush or ask for your commentary. Once you’re done, have lunch or a cup of drink in the museum or art café. Use that time to think about how you feel about spending time there.

6. Watch a Movie in the Theatre

Going back to basics is always a great idea. Challenge yourself by going to the theatre without checking available movies on their website and watching a movie you haven’t heard of. And who knows, you might even be surprised by its storyline at the end of the night.

7. Try a New Workout Class

Whether it’s cycling, kickboxing, or HIIT, there must be a group exercise class you’ve been dying to try. Though you’re showing up solo, trying something new will help you learn new skills, make friends, and gain confidence. Be sure to ask for professional advice to see if you’re fit to join the class.

8. Go to a Concert

It can be daunting to go to a concert alone, especially if you’re an introvert. But don’t let your anxious takes all the fun away. Try to remember the real reason you’re there in the first place. It’s all about the music and the artist! Move your body to the beat to help put your body in a more relaxed state, and just go with the flow. Let yourself lost in the experience!

9. Random Acts of Kindness

Small gestures can really brighten a person’s day. Just think how different this world would be if everyone took a few minutes to do something for someone else. These could be giving an unexpected compliment, paying for a meal, offering help and many more.

10. Bike Around Your Town

Bring out your cycling gear and visit a landmark. Choose routes that are close to nature. If you’re not used to cycling, then try to venture to nearby landmarks. Have a few stops to cherish the great view. Reaching a destination through cycling is way more fulfilling than reaching it with a car.

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