7 Ways to Enjoy When You Only Have a Day

We all look forward to our days off. Unfortunately, days off can make you even more sluggish and frazzled when you spend the entire day staying in pyjama and binge-watching Netflix. But those days off can really help keep you centred when you know how to spend it correctly. To help you avoid wasting half the day worrying about what you think you should be doing, I’ve gathered some ideas I find working (on me) on how to unwind, relax, and recharge when you only have a day off.

1. Have Breakfast in the Bed

First thing first, you need a relaxing morning start. Imagine you’re having a plate of ham, cheese, and egg croissant with a cup of hot tea or chocolate on the bed while watching your favourite Disney’s movie. Awesome, right? Or perhaps you’re the type like me, listening to slow songs while enjoying the meal and feeling grateful for the day. Whatever you feel like doing, make it the most enjoyable moment of the year before it ends.

2. Watch Sunrise

When was the last time you watch a sunrise? Has it been a month? A year? Or half a decade? Most of us are either moving too fast or too busy to catch a sunrise. So, why don’t we take this opportunity to slow down and catch a sunrise? You don’t have to go up on a mountain or drive all the way long to the beach. Well, if you can do so, it’ll be even more meaningful. But if you can’t, just watch a sunrise by your window. Make sure to check the direction beforehand.

3. Take a Morning Walk Outside

If you’re not a morning person and wake up late, that’s fine, you can still take a walk outside. Walk around and explore your neighbourhood. Take a look at the leaves that are still attached to the trees, how blue the sky is, how adorable your neighbour’s dog is, and take a deep breath of the fresh air. Be grateful for how you can walk around the quiet neighbourhood. If you’re a morning riser, remember to wear an extra sweater as the morning breeze is too chilly during the winter.

4. Have a Spa Day

When you’re busy building your career, your body also needs the same attention it wants. Take this opportunity to pamper yourself. Make an appointment at your favourite spa centre and spend time there. If you prefer to cut down the cost, you can have your own spa at home. Do a face mask, take a long hot shower, or go for a warm bath. Do anything you can think of when you walk into a spa centre. Create an environment in your home that feels a bit spa-like. This can be playing some relaxing music, lighting a candle in your bathroom, and creating something aromatherapy. Take the time to do and enjoy the things you often skip over or rush through like exfoliate.

5. Try out a New Recipe for Dinner

Perhaps you’re not good at cooking, or you just want a relaxing day without having the need to cook on your day off. I get it. But there’s nothing better than surprising the family with an amazing meal. There is a huge range of recipes you can find online from a quick and easy recipe that required only 5 ingredients, to meals under 30 minutes. Pick any recipe that suits your preference. Pouring your intention and effort into making a meal makes it more enjoyable and taste better. Not to mention that making your own meal is healthier than the pre-made ones.

6. Host a Movie Night

Take this opportunity to invite your friends and families over to watch a movie. You can turn it into a pyjama night or a meaningful event by making some fancy finger foods to enjoy with. Choose a movie that is fun and enjoyable for all to enhance the movie experience. You can decorate the living space into a home theatre, and you’ll feel extra warm and fuzzy.

Here are some ideas for healthy finger foods you can try: https://searchlifestyles.com/2022/02/11/8-healthy-vegan-finger-foods-for-a-movie-night/

7. Meditate Before Sleep

Meditating helps clear our minds and focus on the present moment. Meditation offers us the time to reflect on our thoughts and focus mainly on our breathing or some aspect of our being. It provides a lot of benefits. One of the well-known benefits is its ability to decrease unnecessary stress and help us gain more control of our emotions, which can lower the chance of anxiety and depression. Try to meditate at least 5 minutes daily at the beginning and slowly increase the time depending on your suit. You’ll eventually get to realize its benefit over time.

A full weekend or a day off is a gift and a thing to be savoured. For some of us, that means an opportunity to revitalize and recharge our body and mind before hitting the “go” button again. I hope the ideas above will inspire you to spend the day ahead in the best way possible for you.

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