Dream Life

By Victoria Q

First thing first, let me ask you. Have you ever thought of how you want your life to be? What’s your dream life?

Some people want a stable office job with a fixed income to bring back home every month, some people want a stable job but with flexible income where they get to earn more when they work harder, some people want a flexible job where they get to choose what they want to work and reject what they don’t want.

For me, I prefer the third choice.

My heart sinks every single day to leave my 2 adorable dogs and my mum at home when I head out to work. Sometimes my dog is sick, which I have to take a day off to bring him to the vet and take care of him. I feel bad asking for a day off on my working day. When I call in to ask for a day off, my boss will be like “What?! Your dog sick? That’s just a dog, right? Must you take a day off?” Sometimes, I just feel like my boss doesn’t understand how much my dogs mean to me. They’re like my children, my sons.

They’re the main reason for me to stay strong when I’m having a difficult time or day in my life. If I were to describe my priority in a 4 tiers life pyramid, the top level will belong to my dogs, then my family, then career, and lastly health. I put health at the bottom of my priority become I’m now focusing on my career. My dogs and family will maintain in the same tier forever.

My dream life is… I want a flexible job. A job that gives me enough time to spend with my dogs and my family. A job that I can work for forever without feeling bored. A job that I get excited about waking up in the morning and can’t wait to start. A job that I can work from home or anywhere. A job that I can work anytime I want and allows me to sleep in sometimes.

And that is….. Writing.

I want a job that will use my ability and creativity in writing. I might not be an expert, at least not yet. But I’m sure I’ll get there one day later. It may take up to half a year, or a year, or two years, or five years. That’s fine, I’m ready to sacrifice and bet my whole life on it.

Working hard to pursue my dream gives me a goal to achieve. Yes, I’m afraid, I’m worried, I’m stuck, I have difficult times during the progress, but I don’t see them as a negative sign. Instead, I look at them as positive. That means I’m making changes. That means I’m heading to the correct path. Even if I fail this time, that’s okay, I’ll work harder the next time. I live once and I want to live the best out of it.

What about you? What’s your top priority and how do you want your life to be?

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