A New Sunday Morning

By Victoria Q

I watched a Youtube video from a successful businessman for the past 2 days. One phrase of him caught my attention, saying “You need changes if you want success. Changes are growth, growth is the success.” Yes. We can’t just stay in the same position and complain like a whining baby all the time. So, I’m here, wake up earlier than usual to try out a new routine. A new routine that allows me to write more and write the first thing of the day.

Like I’ve mentioned all the time, I enjoyed waking up early in the morning when the world is still quiet and peaceful. This quiet and peaceful moment get me closest to my dream world. Listening to the sound of nature – the sound of the bumblebees buzzing, mockingbirds singing, bullfrogs croaking, crickets chirping, ocean waves and the rain pitter-patter help relax my brain and lower stress levels before I hit the busy world again.

When I woke up this morning, the day was still pitch-dark. I couldn’t see any trees which were in front of my windows. I love looking out of the windows to see plenty of tall green trees that comes in various height and shape of leaves. Some leaves are long and skinny giving me a feeling like a mantis, some looks like banana trees (or perhaps they are real banana trees), some are oval that come with yellow flowers. I love green plants which explained well why I have 4 pots of plants in my bedroom.

I had a quick 30 minutes pilates this morning. Then, I sat down and turned on my laptop to start writing. Still in my activewear. At first, I looked out of the windows, the day started to become brighter, and I could see the trees in front of my windows. I stood there to enjoy the morning breeze, looking at the trees I missed seeing, and relaxing with a cup of hot matcha latte.

The morning breeze was chilly today. The wind that blows into my bedroom leaves me shivering. This remained me of the winter breeze. Despite that, some people started their day cycling and jogging around the neighbourhood. Greeting each other as they give a big smile on their faces. Such a wonderful and peaceful view early in the morning.

I barely have time to look out of the windows the past few weeks. If you read my previous post, you’ll know how hectic my day was. After having a recharge day to slow down, I get to enjoy little things in my life. I’ve been too busy to sit quietly and look out of the windows to find out people cycling and jogging around the neighbourhood, the shape of the leaves and to feel how chilly and strong the wind blows. But I got to experience it today. It was a pleasant experience.

I don’t know if I’m able to enjoy it again tomorrow, but I will enjoy this moment today, now. I want to see how different it was compared to my previous weeks. I’m grateful and thank myself for making the decision to take a day off for recharge day.

I want to say thank you to my body that work hard to cope with every situation I had and get me through it without failing me.

Dear body,

Thank you.

If you haven’t read my previous post, read it here:

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