The Chinese Coconut Chicken Soup

By Victoria Q

What?! Coconut soup?! You’ve probably heard of coconut water, coconut shake, coconut ice cream or even coconut yogurt, but what on earth is coconut chicken soup?

I know this may sound weird but, yes, you’ve heard it right, Coconut Chicken Soup! It’s a type of Chinese soup that is super nutritious and delicious. This nourishing chicken soup is very easy to make, and I’m pretty sure it tastes nothing like any other soup you can find out there. The refreshing coconut water is surprisingly sweet, and the chicken balances it up to create a savoury, soul-warming soup that’s perfect for any season of the year.

Coconut: The Chinese believe coconut water help reduce heat in your body, which can cause fever, sore throat, cold and other sicknesses. Coconut water is well-known for replenishing lost moisture and minerals. It is a source of vitamin C and antioxidants. Also, a glass (240ml) of coconut water contains 57.5mg of calcium which contribute to supporting bones and teeth.

Dried goji berries: Contain healthy antioxidants to protect against eye-related diseases, boost the immune system, and fight against cancer. Goji berries also have the ability to promote healthy skin by reducing skin irritation.

Chinese red dates: Chinese red dates a.k.a jujube is one of the most popular foods consumed by the Chinese. It is also well-known as a Chinese herb that comes with plenty of medical benefits after consuming. This Chinese herb has an anti-inflammatory effect, promote skin complexion, improve digestion, help calms the mind and promote better sleep at night.


  • 3 fresh coconuts
  • 300ml water
  • 400g chicken
  • 10g dried goji berries
  • 10 Chinese red dates
  • 10 sliced gingers
  • A pinch of salt


  1. Open the coconuts, pour the coconut water over a strainer, and put it aside.
  2. Remove the coconut flesh from the shell using a spoon. You may cut the flesh into bites size or just leave it the way it was.
  3. Wash the chicken a few times to remove the blood and cut it into small pieces.
  4. In a large pot, add enough water over high heat to cook the chicken. Once the water has boiled, add chicken, and cook till the chicken turns white (semi-cooked). Drain the chicken and wash once again to remove any oil and blood. Then, set aside.
  5. Wash the pot and return to high heat, add coconut water, coconut flesh, water, dried goji berries, Chinese red dates and sliced gingers. Put on the lid to let it boil. Once boiled, add chicken to the soup.
  6. Add salt a bit by a bit while tasting the soup.
  7. To serve: Serve with rice noodles, white rice, bun, or toast.
  8. To store: Put on the lid and reheat the leftover soup over high heat. Once boiled, turn off the heat and you can just leave it on the stove without keeping it inside the fridge. If you have decided to keep it outside of the fridge, DO NOT OPEN THE LID once boiled. It will cause the soup to spoil. If you want to keep it inside the fridge, feel free to transfer the soup into a sealed glass storage container once boiled.

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