Night Before Real Birthday

By Victoria Q

The clock was ticking showing 7 hours left before midnight. I took my handbag, car keys and headed to a mart, which was located 15 minutes from my house. I walked around the mart, still wondering what to buy. Trying something new or unusual will probably be the best idea since I love eating.

I always find myself wandering around the fridge area where the fresh vegetables, fruits, beverages and dairy are located. And, that’s my favourite spot to go. This time too, I headed towards the fridge area to see if I can get anything from there. Looking at the freshness of green vegetables and fruits made me couldn’t resist but getting some of them. I bought bell pepper – especially red one because I love the sweetness, enoki and shitake mushroom, cherry tomatoes, lettuce and papaya.

I took a look at the beverages and found some interesting cocktails in bottles. I’m not really fond of alcoholic drinks but I just feel like grabbing one to celebrate my last 25 years old. I ended grabbing a mixed berry cocktail and a snack – corn tortilla in bbq sauce to go with it.

Headed back home after done with my shopping, putting everything in where it should be and took a quick shower. Then, I started to make dinner using the vegetables I bought just now. I threw the vegetables in a pan, pan-fried and seasoned them with homemade sauce. I tried to keep my dinner light as I’m going to have a drink with snack at the night.

Later that evening, I enjoyed dinner and conversation with my family and afterwards headed to my bedroom with the drink and snack. I sat on my favourite armchair, lighten up my favourite scented candle, turned off the main light, opened the drink and snack, then played a movie I’ve been longing to watch, Ratatouille and enjoyed the night. It was such a fun movie and a chilling night. I love enjoying movies quietly without any distraction so I often put my phone on airplane mode to avoid it buzzing in the middle of the movie.

After the movie, I look out at my window, gathering my thoughts. It had been a beautiful night – a denim sky illuminated by the moon, a million shiny stars and the prospect of a new day at midnight.

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