By Victoria Q  

4.05 P.M, the sky was cloudy, the air-conditioned office was getting colder, it’s a hint that it’ll be raining sooner or later. I was supposed to be focusing on my work, strangely, I just couldn’t get through it. I scrolled through my phone, checking if I have any message or notification. No, I don’t have any.

It has been more than a year since I left the city. The place I chose to begin my real-life experiences – where I spent most of my young adult time, where I first experienced an independent life, where my first permanent job landed and I’ve worked for the company for 7 years straight, and the most important, I met my BFFs there.

I first met my BFFs at the company I’d worked for. My first BFF is a very friendly, carefree and lively lady who is 2 years older than me and the second BFF, a tall, skinny, mature yet funny man who is 4 years older than me. We had so much fun together. We’re colleagues, we’re housemates, we’re buddies.

The most memorable moment was the three of us having dinner after work in a sushi restaurant called ‘Sushi Tomo’. We love this sushi restaurant so much as its serving is a bit unusual than most regular sushi restaurants. They served 3 pieces of sushi per plate at the same price as a regular sushi restaurant that served 2 pieces of sushi per plate. What a great deal!

The lady (my first BFF) will never leave the restaurant without ordering a bowl of Japanese Miso soup, meanwhile, I’m so in love with their raw fish slices sushi – salmon and tuna are my forever favourites. My second BFF, the man always order a different food – sometimes sushi plate, sometimes Japanese lunchbox. You can never guess what he wants to order.

I remembered I had my best escape room experience ever with my BFFs. One night after dinner, the three of us wanted to try an escape room. We’ve never played one before and getting so excited on our way to the shop.

I’ve never been good at problem-solving or anything that needs to use a lot of energy with my brain or even memorizing, so I often pick up a small role when we played escape room. My two BFFs held important roles. The man is so good at leading a team and always able to get any hints left in the room, meanwhile, the lady is quick-witted so she helped a lot. We had so much fun playing escape room, even though sometimes we got stuck inside the room till the end of the game, waiting for the staff to get us out.

Sometimes we went to café-hopping, chit chat, telling each other how’s our day went by and laugh off. They are precious to me and all of these memories too. And I know, precious for them too.

4.15 P.M, I sent a text message to both of them – “I just wanted to say I do miss you”.

If you’re away from your families, friends or loved ones due to whatever reasons, reach out to them and shower them with your love. Tell them how much you love and appreciate their presence around you. Your words will definitely make their day.

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