How To Use Your Phone Wisely

By Victoria Q

Nearly two-thirds of people in the world use a smartphone, whether it is for work or personal use, or both. The presence and use of smartphones had led to concerns about their effects in daily life such as emotions, individual’s stress level, possible risks of illness or accident and even vision problems. Even though research is not complete, but many studies link between smartphone usage and certain health concerns.

We love our phones and would never want to give them up, but this is an important aspect of overall wellness. Therefore, we have to make aware and use our phones wisely to minimize their effects on our lives. Here are 5 ways for you to use your smartphone wisely.

  1. Don’t Use Phone While Driving

Talking or texting on the phone while driving can cause serious danger to you and other drivers on the road. Studies have shown that using a phone while driving is actually worse than driving while drunk. You can’t possibly focus on the road and your phone at the same time. Studies have also shown the number of death tolls of a using phone while driving had increased in this modern busy lifestyle. Put your phone in silent mode or keep it in the backseat or the trunk when you drive. This can prevent you from using it while driving.

2. Keep Your Phone Away While Sleeping

Many people love to use their phones right before falling asleep. They play mobile games, watch movie, chatting with friends, reading news and more. And when drowsy, they just keep their phone beside or under the pillow. This can seriously affect the quality of sleep and increase the amount of radiation the brain exposed to. According to World Health Organization (WHO), radiation from a cell phone is harmful to your health which may possibly cause cancer. Try to turn this into a habit, whenever possible, keep your phone away while sleeping. You can keep it in a drawer far away from your bed or outside of your room.

3. Keep Your Phone Off The Table When Eating

We’re talking about table manners here. Keep your phone off the dining table. Pay attention to your food or people around you and never use your phone while having a meal. It is a bad manner to ignore people sitting in front of you and busy texting with your phone. Try to have a conversation with them – asking how’s their days going, what they did etc. If you’re eating alone, focus on your food instead. Enjoy every bite and listen to your body cues.

4. No Work-Related Contacts After Working Hours

Many people are constantly connected to their devices, available at only one touch of a button at any moment. This happens especially after working hours – your employer wants you to resend an email, your colleague asks opinion on a project, your client wants the latest products listing. If you make this into your habit, they will contact you for work-related stuff anytime regardless it is 3 A.M. Leave work-related stuff at working hours. The company will still be doing fine even if you reply to them a bit later. Instead, spend your time after work for yourself or your loved ones.

5. Be Sensitive Using Phone In Public

When using your cell phone in public, be more sensitive to those around you, whether you are in the grocery store, walking down the street or some other place or taking public transportation. If you’re talking phone or texting for more than a few seconds, make sure to stand aside at a corner and not standing in the middle of the pathway. Move out of the way so you won’t be disrupting someone else’s work. Also, avoid talking loudly on the phone where you can disturb others.

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