10 Ways To Enjoy Weekend Without Spending Much Money

By Victoria Q

Weekends are precious. You’ve sent your last email for the week, shut down your computer and waved goodbye to your colleagues, and the next thing you know, you’ve got a whole weekend of freedom for yourself. After a long hard work for the week, you deserved to enjoy the weekends like nobody else. And, there’s a lot of fun things to do without spending much money.

Here are some ideas on how you can enjoy your weekends without spending much money. Also, you’ll feel less down as Monday draws near and feel refreshed for the coming new week.

  1. Sleep In

It’s okay to wake up a bit later than your usual time. You’ve worked hard and your body needs some rest. Sleep until you wake up automatically, that’s when your body fully rested.

2. Make Breakfast For Family

You probably don’t have much time on making breakfast on weekdays when you’re rushing for work. So, why don’t explore your cooking skills when you have plenty of time for yourself? Search for any recipes that catch your eyes and try them now!

3. Learn Something New

Learning something new can reduce stress and improve your mental health. Be it a new language, art, cooking, baking or gardening, discover what you’re interested in and explore them.

4. Watch Sunrise/Sunset

If you were able to wake up before dawn, watching a sunrise is definitely a good way to spend your time in the morning. Watching the sunrise is like watching a beautiful pastel-coloured sky be painted above you. If you missed the sunrise, don’t worry, the sunset is still beautiful and you will appreciate this beauty of nature.

5. Go For A Hike

Simply get outdoors and go for a hike with family or friends not only can tighten your relationship with them but also getting fresh air will leave you energized. Spending regular time in nature is an excellent way to give your brain a break from your daily stressful life at work.

6. Have A Picnic At Park or Beach

Inviting friends or family to have a picnic together can strengthen your relationship with them. Also, eating lunch outdoors is a natural mood booster. Getting sufficient fresh air, sunshine, or a nice breeze puts you in good mood and motivates you to work hard for the coming week.

7. Birdwatching

If you start birdwatching, you’ll start paying attention to nature. Along the way, you’ll see and experience countless other natural wonders and become more connected to the world. Spending time and energy finding and observing birds is great for your physical and mental health.

8. Stargazing

Stargazing is a magical and inexpensive way to explore nature. You don’t need to own a telescope or know the constellations. You can see the wonders in the sky with your naked eyes, but you will need to allow 15 minutes or so to adjust properly to the darkness or else if you can invest in a pair of decent binoculars, you will be able to see a lot better. You can stargaze anywhere that is as dark as possible.

9. Dance Your Heart Out

Who says you can’t dance when you’re 29 years old? Dancing not only can release your stress from work but also keep you in shape. It’s a great exercise for those who do not actively workout on daily basis. All you need is to switch off your main lights, turn on any music and dance. Sweat it out

10. Café-hopping

Nowadays, many cafés are not only for coffee lovers – tea lovers and food lovers are also able to enjoy their time in café. Café also serves as a place for meetings, gatherings or just chilling. You will need to spend money in the café, but you can order based on your budget. If you’re going with friends or family, you can spend less by sharing the foods with them.

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