Chinese Pumpkin Sago Dessert (Vegan)

There’s a shop that sells Pumpkin Sago Dessert nearby our house and it was so delicious. My mum loves it so much. Unfortunately, they closed down the shop and we can never have it anymore. My mum missed the dessert; hence, telling me to try making it for her. My first trial can be considered as 70% success. Then, I replaced white sugar with coconut palm sugar for the second time and it gets nicer. Coconut palm sugar release an aroma fragrance which is coconut aroma makes the dessert taste nicer. Sometimes, I added glutinous rice ball in this dessert and my family love it. Instruction to cook pearl sago and pumpkin soup will be separated into 2 sections. Please cook pearl sago before proceed to pumpkin soup as it takes time to cook pearl sago.


  • 1kg pumpkin (skin removed and diced)
  • 300ml coconut milk
  • 1500ml water
  • 40g coconut palm sugar (add more if you prefer sweeter)
  • 70g pearl sago (adjustable; depends on individual preference)
  • water to boil sago

Instructions for pearl sago:

  1. Rinse the pearl sago over a strainer.
  2. Bring an adequate amount of water to boil. Add pearl sago and keep stirring to prevent the sago sticking at the bottom.
  3. Add more water if the water becomes sticky as sago will release starch.
  4. Cook until the sago almost transparent (some white spot at the centre of sago is fine).
  5. Prepare a bowl of cool water and set aside. Pour cooked sago into a strainer and wash off excess starch (starch in sago will make sago stick together).
  6. After washed off the sago, pour them into the prepared bowl of cool water. Set aside.

Instructions for pumpkin soup:

  1. Steam the diced pumpkin till soft. Check the pumpkin by poking it using a fork and make sure it comes out easily.
  2. Once cooked, cool it down.
  3. Blend the pumpkin and coconut milk in a blender. Add water if too thick. Add a little at a time. Blend till smooth.
  4. Transfer to a pot. Add the remaining water, sugar and bring it to a boil. Add more water if too thick. When the soup starts bubbling, add in sago. Keep stirring till boil.
  5. Serve hot or cold. (My family preferred cold)

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